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News » "Lazy eye" in children: what it is and how to combat it effectively.

"Lazy eye" in children: what it is and how to combat it effectively.

About 2% of children in the first years of life is affected by what is commonly called lazy eye syndrome in children, in the medical field more commonly known as "amblyopia".
To cure it in time is very important, so that it doesn’t degenerate thus avoiding the danger of surgery.
So, let\'s find out, in detail, what is the lazy eye, what are the symptoms, how to intervene and, not least, how to cure it.

Lazy Eye: What it is and symptoms
This is a disease that results in slowdown of the common and natural visual development.
As for the symptoms, a child (adults rarely develop lazy eye) who suffers of this pathology shows, in most cases, obvious symptoms. A common signal is strabismus, a condition that is more often related to the presence of strong myopia or viruses. Other less obvious signals of lazy eye are acute difficulty in properly focusing on images, due to the fact that only of the two eyes is operating actively.

How to intervene.
As soon as we suspect we are in the presence of this pathology, the best thing is to intervene as soon as possible with all the care possible. Timing is very important. It is recommended that cure of lazy eye in a child should take place before age 8. Firstly the child should submit to a careful eye examination by an eye doctor. The specialist will be in the position to verify the visual hindrance, and suggest the best way to cure the lazy eye with the use of a special pair of glasses. Remember, the purpose of these glasses will be to cure the problem, so don’t be too fussy on the aesthetic side of the frame but rather concentrate on the quality of the lenses.

Surgery: last resort for lazy eye care.
Normally, the lazy eye is not a very serious condition and in most cases do not require surgery.
However, in some rare case, surgery is inevitable, particularly when in the presence of visual discomforts related to the disease described, first of all strabismus, perhaps the most common cause of amblyopia.
Even the presence of opacity of the eyes or the obstruction, total or partial, of one or both eyes, caused occasionally by trauma, cataract or by the presence of scars makes it necessary to resort to surgery. For all practical purposes, it is good to resort to surgery only as a last resort.

As always, prevention is the preferred solution for the protection of health and well-being of our eyes and to intervene in good time really makes a difference.

Note: the above article has been translated from Italian with Google Translator, so be indulgent if some sentences don’t make much sense. Use your imagination…..


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