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News » Myopia: Causes, symptoms and correction techniques

Myopia: Causes, symptoms and correction techniques

The term myopia comes from the greek word "myo," meaning close. This is certainly not a coincidence, as the one to close the eyes, squeeze, it is the typical characteristic of the short-sighted. Myopia is a visual defect that causes a blurred distance vision, which often is accompanied by good near vision.
In the myopic eye the light rays that come from afar are not focused on the retina, as normally happens, but they fall in front of the same, they differ: this is the blurred image based.

Causes of the myopia correction techniques
The most common cause of myopia is due to a defect of the eye that looks longer than normal. Other times, however, the cause is due to a curvature of the cornea or the lens that goes beyond the norm.
A third cause, finally, is determined by a excessive refractive power of the crystalline lens.
The fix for this defect, whatever the reason that it is upstream, generally requires corrective lenses, or glasses - which are the instrument to the most common purpose - and contact lenses.
In children the correction of myopia with glasses is certainly preferable to other solutions.
It \'very important that the glasses are always taken, that the frame does not allow the child to see outside of the lenses and the latter are unbreakable.
Another form of correction is represented by the intervention with the laser, a technique that this generally provides good results, especially in mild to medium defects, less good in the strongest defects.
The laser changes the curvature of the cornea and thus its magnification capabilities, allowing recovery of the image focus on the retina.

Types of myopia
Myopia is measured in diopters: mild myopia is defined that up to 3 diopters, average, generally the one that goes from 3 to 6 diopters and a high one that goes over the 6 diopters.
These, as known, a very common defect that in Italy alone affects about a quarter of the population. It usually occurs at school age, it increases in the age of development of the body and tends to level off between 20 and 25 years.
Rarely it occurs in degenerative form of the retina, in these cases arises in young children to progress then to follow over the years, reaching to touch decidedly high values (even up to 30 diopters).

Once the traditional medicine believed that this defect was not at all subject to prevention, according to the most recent studies, however, myopia can be prevented, at least to some extent. The first rule is to intervene in the correction in a timely manner, at the time that the defect, using appropriate lenses to slow evolution.
Much importance also holds a healthy life, according to some studies children living outdoors and in the sun run less risk of myopia, although there is a hereditary component that affects considerably the likelihood of being affected by this disease .
The use of contact lenses tends to definitely improve the visual quality, however it is always good to take into account that the latter always represent the "foreign bodies" inside the eyes, making for extremely necessary effect strictly follow all appropriate cleaning and maintenance measures.

NOTE: this text has been translated from Italian with Google Translator, so be patient if some phrases seam confused. Please use your immaginantion. Thank you.


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