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News » Fashion glasses for men - Here is the new summer 2016 collection

Fashion glasses for men - Here is the new summer 2016 collection

Oversize with gradient lenses and retrieved details, through redesign, from retro models with yellow lenses or frame drop here is the trend that will go to the highest in the industry of fashion eyewear man in the next season.
Sunglasses 2016 summer sunglasses leaders are inspired by the forms in vogue in the \'60s and\' 70s.
But not only. Here we review the models who will wear the clothes of protagonists on male faces in the most popular time of the year.

Top models: glasses drip
And \'to Gucci, founder of the fashion industry, we have to give credit to have confirmed the drip glasses for summer 2016 men\'s fashion eyewear.
He has created a collection that brings together past and present, male and female, making her fashion models wearing unisex sunglasses with wide frames and yellow teardrop lens or mirror. Perfect to give a touch of character to the face, the teardrop glasses with mirrored and thin-rimmed glasses reminiscent of the protagonists of some action movies 80s, an era in which this is sought practicality and shunned by preconceptions.
There are also excellent from a functional standpoint, as well as aesthetically beautiful, they are recommended to those who, for passion or job, is called to spend many hours to drive a vehicle.

The timeless charm of the aviator model
Even Calvin Klein republished, in the field of fashion glasses man to a very powerful, a must of the \'70s: the aviator sunglasses worn by Air Force pilots, who veins skillfully combined with military jackets and colored bomber.
These classic forms and evergreen are interpreted in robes all new and appealing, while preserving the original one between the various models, the Ray-Ban, American blatantly, from the lenses at the drop of the green crystal and rimmed in gold-plated steel with side pieces going to finish with wrap-around finals or rigid transparent plastic.

The novelty of the season: sunglasses butterfly glasses
Once reserved only for female audience, the butterfly glasses were, this year, officially also adapted in eyewear fashion man industry.
Their a front end is less pronounced and less pushed in the upper corners than it is in the female models. the curvature is also less sensitive, but the model is precisely that.
The frame, even for men, can be declined in brown tortoiseshell with elements of other colors, while for those who love the sober colors triumphs black.
Ideal for the very young - or for men who hate to go unnoticed - glasses with frames in cheerful and bright colors like yellow, electric blue, pea green or red.

Notwithstanding these models, which confirm their supremacy in the field of fashion eyewear man summer 2016, do not give up sunglasses with a square silhouette, as well as models in vintage style with round lenses, and, more generally, with regard to materials, excel acetate and metal, often enlivened by contrasting patterns on the temples and other chic details.

Note : this article has been translated from Italian with Google translator. If some of the sentences don’t make much sense…be patient and use your imagination. Thanks.


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