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News » Some good reasons for considering eyeglasses more than simple accessories

Some good reasons for considering eyeglasses more than simple accessories

The eyes are the most delicate and important organs of our body.
Choose, therefore, what you will have to protect them, so the eyeglasses or sunglasses, is a particularly delicate step. Much attention is paid to aesthetics, it is this is not to blame.
It takes account of the look, design, color, the trend of the moment, all well and good, since the variety of the market, always accommodating to our endless needs, allows us to do.
But, lest we forget: eyeglasses are for the health and proper functioning of our eyes. The frame is not optional, but rather serves to hold the lens positioned in front of the eyes in order to correct vision defects.
They are provided most of the times of bearings that rest on the nose and slats to be positioned behind the ears to provide stability. Today is commercially available an infinite number of models among which are certainly those which meet our needs.
We are light years from the old monocle, and lorgnette from his pince-nez, the latter type of glasses without slats that relied exclusively on the nose.
Why therefore consider eyeglasses a lot more than just accessories?
Soon he said. Let\'s find out.

1. Materials designed for good vision
That there are now different types of materials destined for auctions at glasses eyeglasses is known. Instead, what is not at all is that, to dictate the law, is the result in terms of welfare of the eyes.
One example among many: the mineral glass lenses definitely in the past represented the normal lens. They, however, as scratch resistant, you can easily break.
However, they persist in the market, especially to ensure response in cases of severe ametropia.
The glass glasses, in fact, provide the correction with much thinner lenses of organic ones.
The lenses of plastic material, better known as organic glass, represent those most definitely sold on the market because of the particular characteristics possessed by the eyeglasses with which they are made. Very light and comfortable to wear, they exceed by far the glass for impact resistance, but not for scratches.
They are safer in the event of accidents as they can not chip, better protection from flying sparks that are designed especially for sportsmen and workers.

2. The lenses "are" the eyeglasses
Corrective lenses for eyeglasses are meant to correct common disorders the same as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
Generally, the reading glasses have an alcohol content that varies from one to four diopters and you can buy without a prescription, what to encourage the spread of a popular product and not intended for use throughout the day.
The beauty and design of the eyeglasses are important, but what matters is that they are really functional if the color of our frame makes us crazy, it does not mean that we have to be tied to it for life.

Do not forget: the eyes are the link between the brain - the center of vision more precisely - and the picture: if our eyes work fine record sharp images, otherwise, these are stored, with the effect of losing our memory many memories, perhaps even those in support of the best years of our lives.

NOTE: the above article has been translated with Google Translator. If some of the phrases don\'t make much sense, please be patient and...use your imagination, or, translate it better for us and send the text in English to We will be grateful for it, and for any approved text, and we will send you a discount coupon towards the purchase of glasses on our website.


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