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News » Eyewear trend for spring summer 2016: what to do not to go unnoticed!

Eyewear trend for spring summer 2016: what to do not to go unnoticed!

The eyeware trend for spring summer 2016 this year is to be ostentatious.
Password? Don’t go unnoticed.
As far as shapes and colours, fashion glasses, during the most loved season of the year, unsheathe the great desire to capture attention at any cost.
Plastic of many colors, irregular shapes and extremely playful, maxi size, in the same all the details are taken care of to make a difference. As always, it is the walkways to launch the message and it must be said that this year they have really hit the mark, gaining the finding of an unexpectedly wide and diverse audience.

Cut-out: number one eyewear in terms of extravagance
The new trend spring summer 2016 eyewear starring some models this year to say the least original, among them impossible not to mention, in the head, the "cut-out": glasses with rounded shapes with superimposed a frame to cat eyes that reveals a small empty.
Even more bizarre if one dared Glitter, exactly like those seen on the catwalk, so beloved by the brilliance that they are able to guarantee and their shimmer effect, which is highlighted especially in the presence of sun and light, typical of spring and \'summer.

Memorable vintage: triumph of style timeless
60 and 70 represent muses also the trend eyewear spring summer 2016.
Maximum exponent in this case is Prada, with its big tortoiseshell forms, followed by Chloé and Chanel, offering round glasses and large very special.
Do not lag behind in this trend of sight glasses, designed to meet the tastes of teenagers and beyond. Beautiful models with super glamorous Fendi lenses, enriched, to make matters worse, by geometric details and decorations on the lenses or frames, these models are perfect for those who love the allure of a diva of the past.

nerd glasses model views
In addition to the fairer sex, men are also affected by this exciting new trend spring summer sunglasses 2016. To be privileged are the male models with thick frames, never surpassed in hindsight, the past, however, revised protagonists in the original key, with shapes and colors more feminine, perfect for those who love a vintage look that marries while modern details.
Ideal for those who do not intend to lose the intellectual look, always liked women, these glasses on the catwalks by storm, and among the stars, becoming a prototype of charm and virility and undisputed sensuality vehicle.

For all those who wish to wear some of the glasses thus far described without exaggeration, with the intention not to go unnoticed, but not too much, the advice is to opt for a sober clothing in texture and color, and, in the case of women, to prefer a trick as light as possible in the nude tones for both eyes to lips, thereby avoiding an overall result really too eccentric.


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