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News » Ladies’ fashion glasses: how to choose the most suitable according to your skin type

Ladies’ fashion glasses: how to choose the most suitable according to your skin type

All great fashion designers around the world are busy creating ladies’ fashion eyeware for the new season and we can see celebrities of all kinds are happy to replace their contact lenses with the latest design in fashion glasses.
This is what makes cool and fashionable many models, even those of previously unknown brands.
The sector has room for everyone and the market is increasingly broad and rich.
To choose the most suitable model of fashion glasses for woman becomes, for this reason, more and more difficult.
Add to that that are also many factors to consider: the taste, the shape of the face, age.
And skin type? No one has ever thought how decisive is taken into account in the process of choosing the glasses, especially sunglasses.
We made it. Because the skin type does not point only the choice of sunscreen.

Glasses fashion woman and skin type here is the perfect design
Round frames and tortoiseshell, a legacy of the 70s, with aviator masks, increasingly large and showy here is the fashion sunglasses for women in vogue this year.
To choose the model of sunglasses to show off this summer, please refer to the latest fashion trends, but the colors very dependent on the skin type.
Well, for your skin type 1, typical of a very fair complexion, with blonde or red hair and light eyes, it is preferable to use not too dark frames. They respond very well as antique pink or pale and light yellow.
Same goes for your skin type 2, typical has fair skin, blond, light eyes.
For those who have not a clear complexion, with dark hair or dark blond and brown eyes (skin type 3), and for women with dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes or blacks (phototype 4) the choice should fall on a colored frame . The orange, for example, is very well intones.

Eyewear and skin type: a question of style ... but not only
The fashion sunglasses for women, must, if alone, responding to an absolute necessity, which is to protect and repair the iris and the conjunctiva from harmful UV rays, responsible for dry eye, pain and conjunctivitis.
The choice of the glasses fashionable woman is oriented style, but in terms of security and integrity, the selection is unquestionably dictated by the need to protect the eyes.
Those who swell the ranks of skin type 1 and 2 will do well to use glasses with a very powerful filter: light eyes, you know, are significantly more sensitive and vulnerable than dark.
The subjects that go the phototype 2:03 will, however, make use of glasses less Blackout: they will also give priority, according to taste, green and light brown lenses can encourage the contrasts between colors.

Here is another factor in more then which take into account: the skin type.
It is not a non important factor.
This summer we choose our glasses ... even according to our colors.


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