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News » Ophthalmologic: the importance of a visit by an eye doctor

Ophthalmologic: the importance of a visit by an eye doctor

As well as in many other branches of medicine, also the ophthalmologic prevention covers a very important role. Here is the rational underpinning of an eye examination.
If it is true, in fact, that a number of particularly severe illnesses are certainly not predictable, it is equally true that many other, very common, often asymptomatic, can be easily diagnosed with a simple eye examination.
Data in hand are very few of those who carry out regular periodic screening.

The lack of information that damages
The lack of adequate information means that you present to the specialist for the eye exam only at the onset of some symptoms, the most common of which is simply the loss of vision.
Precisely because of the constant changes to which the eye meets in the course of his life, is of great importance not only a responsible monitoring of the normal visual development during childhood, but also the next evolution of the eye in adulthood because its physiological aging. We have to consider also the various metabolic diseases of the eye may be the targets, among them: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, rheumatologic and dermatologic diseases.
Do not underestimate also the stress to which our eyes are subjected to because of work and the continuous use of electronic screens.
When, therefore, to undergo an eye examination? Let\'s find out together.

Genetic predisposition / environmental
The eye examination is considered opportune, even preventively for all subjects, but especially for those who are predisposed to the malfunctioning of view.
The ocular health is, in fact, also influenced by genetic factors: some ocular pathologies, more or less severe, are often hereditary. Environmental factors are capable of the effect on his vision of an appreciable effect on eye health and, it is scientifically proven that spend many hours outdoors makes it more difficult to develop myopia and do their work in dusty environments increases the risk of developing eye problems.

Early / late age
Surely the children it is recommended to perform the first eye examination at birth, making use of the particular and unique tool that is the red reflex test.
Another control should be performed at one year of age.
Unless you are not particular problems, it would be good to provide to enforce another eye examination at around 3-4 years of age, when the child begins to work, even if it is not, in fact, still be able to recognize letters.
Subsequently, it is good to intervene in preschool, around 5-6 years of age, while for subsequent visits the advice is to be suggested by your eye care professional.
For young or middle-aged individuals who do not present particular visual problems, a visit will be made annually ophthalmologist every two years.
In those with more than 60-65 years of age should be more precise and scrupulous controls: the incidence of specific diseases such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, etc. it increases significantly with age.

More generally, it is very important to perform eye exams on a regular basis.
This simple trick, in fact, allows precise correction of any refractory avoiding vices, upstream, those disorders that can arise naturally, just think of lazy eye in children, whose early diagnosis, even in small asymptomatic patients, allows intervention resolving correctly and on time.


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