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News » Glasses for presbyopia: the must-have for the over 40s

Glasses for presbyopia: the must-have for the over 40s

Data in hand 4 out of 10 people after the age of forty are wearing glasses for presbyopia.
Our crystalline lens, namely the natural lens inside our eye, tends in fact, after the age of 40 to gradually lose the ability to focus on objects at different distances, complete with a consequent decrease of accommodative capacity.
This degenerative process is called, in medical language, presbyopia and it is rightly labeled as a vision disorder characterized by the gradual loss of the eye\'s ability to focus on close objects.
That is more or less accentuated, this disorder makes it necessary to use spectacles for presbyopia.
It \'s around this age that you realize you have trouble reading the writing on the mobile screen, the indications on medical packagings, the menu at the restaurant.
In low light response these difficulties, then, tend to increase: the first signal is given instinctive need to stretch your arms straining to remove the document table.
If not corrected in time, through the use of glasses due to presbyopia, presbyopia can cause visual fatigue, redness and burning eyes, headaches.
It is advisable, therefore, an eye examination to confirm presbyopia with the exact prescription of appropriate lenses to wear.

Presbyopia associated with impaired vision
Generally, the disorder arises later myopic eye, some times even seems, apparently, that the use of glasses for presbyopic not render at all necessary.
In the hypermetropic, on the contrary, the process tends to start earlier with a more rapid evolution, from the time that presbyopia is added to its basic defect.
Usually, however, if you experience vision problems below the age of 40, it is very likely it hyperopia, to be corrected with glasses.
In any case a good eye exam will give the appropriate solution.

Correction of presbyopia here as takes place
Of course, the most popular way to correct presbyopia, unless you suffer from other visual problems, is the use of glasses for presbyopia, or contact lenses to see well at all distances, for those unwilling to some reason, wear glasses.
For the correction of presbyopia they are generally used three types of lenses:
- Mono-focal lenses which are used exclusively to see well up close;
- Bi-focal lenses (glasses with lunettes), which allow a correct distance vision and one close range;
- Multi-focal or progressive lenses that allow you to see well at distances. Question of lenses which, unlike those of the most common spectacles for presbyopia, it is however necessary to learn to use, requiring them, in fact, a few days of adaptation, especially when using this type of the glasses for the first time.
The choice of the most appropriate type of lenses and the frame is certainly a commitment to carry out difficult, but also rewarding, both for the consumer and the seller.

Refer to a really qualified online optical store can represent a valid and comfortable help to arrive at the choice of glasses for presbyopic quality, able to guarantee a good vision at all distances.


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