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News » Eyeglass: a solution for every visual need.

Eyeglass: a solution for every visual need.

Choosing the right kind of lenses, is simply the most important moment in the purchase of eyeglasses, or prescription sunglasses. The market offers such a wide range of products that the consumer gets often confused when it comes to assess the one most suitable to their needs. For this reason one needs to rely on the advise of a good professional.
The corrective lenses are, in fact, of various types, in consideration of the requirements to which calls are to respond. They have different shapes, different protection ratios, and different characteristics.
Mineral or organic glass, spherical or aspherical, monofocal, multifocal or progressive: make the right choice according to your real needs is a must.
Learning about the lenses for eyeglasses present on the market today is the first step towards a rational and informed choice.

Spherical and aspherical lenses for glasses
The spherical lenses are used to correct the simplest visual defects such as myopia, presbyopia, hyperopia. Those spherical for myopes have a curvature towards the thicker edge while, in the case of hyperopia, the curvature to the edge tends to flatten.
For the aspherical lenses have, however, the advantage of a lesser thickness of the lens towards the edge. They lead also to an improvement of vision by reducing some disorders due to reflection of light and have the effect, perceived by those who observes the one who brings the lenses, to appear larger eyes.

Monofocal lenses for glasses, bifocals, trifocals
The lenses for single-vision glasses have a unique optical focal point: only the best distance vision / only for the best near vision / only for the best viewing from half distance.
The bifocal eyeglass lenses give you the ability to see clearly both near and far, in fact reserving a portion of the lens to near vision and the remaining distance vision.
Lenses for spectacles trifocals have further additional part above the eating area to see well up close rivolvere designed for your computer problem. They are particularly useful to the sighted over the 50 that have a smaller depth of field.

The multifocal spectacle lenses (also called progressive)
The multifocal spectacle lenses are certainly those of greater effectiveness, especially when a basic ametropia and presbyopia are added together, allowing them a clear vision at all distances. Mainly because of their multiple possibilities of use, today they definitely represent the most worn lenses.
These peculiar spectacle lenses enable different types of compensation by ensuring, as a result, a smooth and homogeneous vision at all distances - up close, from a distance and one half away - without having to switch to the change of glasses every time you change activities .
These lenses also have a great aesthetic advantage as the different "sectors" of these are perfectly integrated in the lens making it virtually invisible. They can be applied to sports frames allowing you to do some physical activity.

Eyeglass at depths of field
The lenses for depth of field glasses, named as singular as unusual, are the natural solution for both the business and the office activities, responding well to the occasion to carry out all those occupations that require concentration in neighboring and intermediate vision .
Thanks to the breadth of their field of vision, these lenses are the best solution for computer professionals, hobbyists, musicians, etc.

Treatments for lenses
The spectacle lenses on the market are also distinguished according to the different colors that have the effect of treatments, such as anti-reflection, curing, water repellent.
These particular technologies promote a clearer vision in certain conditions, also does not attract dirt and allow better cleaning of the lens.
The aesthetic appearance of the eyeglasses it is also particularly improved, there are no reflections, and are therefore able to combine practicality and beauty.

The choice of lenses for eyeglasses must pass the knowledge and information.
Just so we could see what solution proves to be best suited to our needs, even the most special and complex.


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