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News » The glasses prescription: a starting point for the protection of our sight

The glasses prescription: a starting point for the protection of our sight

The prescription for your lenses is an important aspect of the eye examination for all those patients who go to the doctor because they do not "see well."
In addition to prescribing the correct lenses, in fact, the specialist performs a real prevention, going to early diagnosis of any diseases that could make his debut in a silent way and assess the correct "visual acuity" before ruling on possible interventions (laser, cataract, etc. ).
Prescription lenses, which takes place precisely with the prescription of the glasses, shows the values of diopters, sometimes improperly called "degrees".
The prescription is nothing more than an “instruction sheet” which the optician must follow in order to prepare the lenses to be included in the eyewear frame.

Advances in technology in the vision health service
The evolution of technological progress also in eye care, has allowed us to achieve more precise prescriptions, went also particularly evolving, as to be able, today, to always provide the most detailed information that invest both prescription lenses - more and more personalized - and the same diagnosis of eye diseases. The recipes of the glasses, therefore, now tend to be more detailed going them to indicate not only the type of lenses, but also the suggested treatment in consideration of the pathology that affects the patient.
Often showing, for example, diseases such as allergies, conjunctivitis, dry eye, viral keratitis, photophobia, requiring protection with photochromic lenses and customizable filters.
But there\'s more: the recipes of the glasses may also provide indications about the type of ideal lenses to correct visual defects and to completely filter out UVA rays.
For more serious conditions such as retinopathy, macular degeneration or cataracts exist, for example, photo-selective special medical lenses that are often mentioned in the recipe right.

Each eye ... his lens
Undergo a medical eye examination with an adjoining next prescription eyeglasses, it allows the prevention of diseases very widespread today and insidious: glaucoma, for example, that is the increase of the intraocular pressure, is one of them.
Very important for diabetics and hypertensives is the examination of the fundus.
Towards sessanti years you can also diagnose cataracts and any signs of maculopathy. We therefore reiterate that the prescription of the lenses is a key moment in the patient\'s life.
Often progressive lenses, particularly suitable for those over forty, can be selected in consideration of the customer\'s precise needs and tastes the same.
Finally, also for the sunglasses, the prescription of the eyeglasses may suggest various types of staining and polarized lenses to ensure a protection from radiation reflected in the cases of intense brightness, especially in the presence of particular visual problems.
It is well understood as are so many signs that can be contained in prescription spectacles and surprises as they allow a personalized view for each individual patient.

Can we really say that we have today all it takes to enjoy the ultimate healthy sight.


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