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News » How to improve the beauty of your eyes, taking into account the glasses

How to improve the beauty of your eyes, taking into account the glasses

The power of the look, in terms of seduction, we know, is very strong.
The bewitching eyes, communicate, conquer and fascinates more than anything else, by transmitting emotions and the intensity of life.
But, we wonder, how should we choose the best eye makeup?
Again, you can enhance the beauty of our gaze making the most of the presence of the glasses? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Let\'s see how.

Light colors to enhance your eyes
Many women, especially teenagers, believe that applying a large amount of mascara on her eyes allow itself to ensure intensity and magnetism to your look.
Nothing could be more wrong: they merely get the opposite effect, obscuring facets and features that should be rather excited.
Anyone who intends to foreground his own eyes will do well to use a little mascara and a light eyeshadow. And the glasses? They also play a decisive role in eye makeup.
The secret is to not wear too dark lenses: sunglasses with black lenses will only mask the eyes. Many women have taken up the habit to wear them even when it is not necessary, forgetting that, from the outside, by doing so, the beauty of the look is not made visible.
What is the point, at this point, therefore, wear makeup?
Again, in general, the color of the frame flu, not a little color eyeshadow.
What it would be to our face a light green eye shadow in the presence of glasses pale pink?
Approach to avoid, in the strongest terms.
Same applies, for example, for a white eyeshadow with black-rimmed glasses.
Other than eye makeup. A real punch in the eye ... ... than here so that it\'s appropriate to say.
We learn to pull over in a wise colors, also according to our glasses.
Every shade can make a difference in terms of look.

The perfect make-up to disguise the eyes
Generally eye makeup is designed to highlight the same.
In all things there is the exception, in this case it takes the name of puffiness, dark circles, puffy eyes and pulled. Who among us has never lived or not you are to live daily with these annoying blemishes?
In this case it is well accept a good dose of mascara and eyeshadow from the most vivid colors.
If so much were not enough remember, the trick is not only ... in makeup, but also in the glasses.
Ideally, to disguise these unwelcome guests presented themselves uninvited on our face, you avoid wearing glasses per day, even worse if small.
Better to prefer wide and thick frames, read and absolutely free of hake ... Yeah, how many happened to take off your glasses and notice of the signs on the sides of the nose?
That would only make it more visible and burdensome presence of bags and dark circles.
The colors are the ideal frame fuchsia, purple, black and blue, best to avoid light colors such as white and pale pink, which would only accentuate the imperfections.

Feeling beautiful is an innate need for each of us, since the dawn of time.
And look, that yes ... has an extraordinary power.
Let us therefore make our weapon of eye makeup and our face will benefit, word of ... woman!


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