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News » The diet haunts you? Here are 5 ways to live it without trauma

The diet haunts you? Here are 5 ways to live it without trauma

The idea of facing a diet is, for many, a real trauma.
They are well aware of those who reject even the idea as a carrier of a potential negativity feared, and with good reason: to interfere with the nervous system going to alter their emotions.
But what is the trigger for this was traumatic? And what can be done to inhibit the bud, these negative feelings?
1. Do not underestimate your ability. Here\'s our first tip. Inept, bewildered, helpless, so here is how you will feel in the very moment in which you will find yourself face to face with a challenge.
The diet of trauma result from its inability to dissipate the fear of not succeeding.
Win this fear and you will be by the middle of your walk.

2. Live your diet with irony. You mean to punish by flogging to life throughout the entire process of the diet? Know that you are really starting on the wrong foot. Accept your defeats, take her with irony, justify your actions and your incapacity.
3. Do not be too hard: diet is not synonymous with suffering and heartache. Remember that it is a mere conduit food, and not of life. It must be combined with fun and with the taste of life, so do not deprive yourself of a treat on a Sunday or a pizza with friends on Saturday night. Rather tries to contain these small "infractions" in occasional circumstances.

4. Surround yourself with people "motivating": also the context in which you live the experience of the diet is important. Make this your intention to follow a diet at home, ask to receive the right support, and, if possible, to avoid purchasing foods that can occasionare a disturbance in your new lifestyle. Avoid flaunting your diet elsewhere, because this might result in you further form of psychological pressure on the results also expected from others.

5. No violent diets: in spite of what might be thought overly restrictive diets lead in the opposite direction to that in which you want to go.
No, therefore, to diets that completely eliminate a food because the diet should always be varied and the body should be led to a good result without totally disrupting their eating habits, and still no to diets based on the principle "all at once" that, Incidentally, not only it proves to be impossible, as even unhealthy.

These simple rules will help you to deal with a diet more natural and serene.
Remember that food is not your enemy, but your best ally in this great challenge that sees the protagonist and, not least, always follow the advice of a specialist so that you can follow a diet not only correct and balanced, but also suited to your body.
Start to observe these precautions, you will steer clear of course: your way will not appear in your eyes so uphill.


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