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News » Here is the new trend for 2016: shaded lenses of many colors

Here is the new trend for 2016: shaded lenses of many colors

The fact that you can find on the market colored lenses for glasses it is not a novelty.
What has changes is the trend, more and more oriented towards shades lenses which are particularly in fashion today. It \'just that heightened appreciation for these types of lenses to have directed the manufacturers of eyeglasses and sunglasses to the development of increasingly peculiar lenses that have nothing to do with even the only classic model of glasses from colored lenses proposed on the market in the late \'50s.
There are many reasons that gave rise to this new trend that is already announced will have its maximum expression in 2016, just around the corner.
Beyond the purely chromatic matter, who gave the tone for this orientation, because of the infinite variety of colors available, are other concealed motivations.

Pairing with clothes and accessories
Once the glasses was not destined to play a prominent role in terms of look, new trends and fashion.
In our day the situation has literally raised and is calling the shots in the frame color choice intended to dye scarves, handbags and scarves. As if that was not enough time, given the tendency to prefer lenses for eyeglasses and nuanced and colorful sun, to guide the choice of colors of the accessories will be the lens itself. Hard to resist, especially in view of the announced definition of new colors, all the new trend.

Pairing with makeup
Which accessory can marry well with makeup than it is able to make a lens for colored glasses?
Women go literally crazy for these lenses that give them the ability to choose the colors more in line with their usual trick.
The collection is extremely wide, the fashion trends this year have preferred especially the mustard color that continues to become the main protagonist among women\'s accessories, and more.
Also highly popular ancient and mauve pink.
Who knows what\'s in store fashion of colored and shaded lenses for the year to come.

Some tips to make an informed choice
If the gradient lenses are meant to be mounted on glasses that you want to wear often, the advice is to opt for a nuance, this to enable people with whom you are interacting to be seen clearly in the eye.
Another tip is to always check the certification of eyeglasses or sunglasses lenses that are to be acquired, because of the increasing phenomenon of appreciation at the end of these products has prompted many to quickly create models developed without any regulatory compliance law in the field of UV protection.
Some of these lenses may even be harmful to our eyes.

A phenomenon of this soft lenses for eyeglasses that promises to be a far-reaching, especially considering how it will evolve towards the summer season, one in which wear eye-catching sunglasses, colorful is an obvious choice in terms of aesthetics and fashion, especially in recent years.


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