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News » How to camouflage baggy and tired eyes with makeup.

How to camouflage baggy and tired eyes with makeup.

Puffiness, dark circles, popping eyes. We all have to contend with these annoying blemishes?
The natural passage of time, along with a lifestyle not always correct, contribute to exacerbate the effects of skin aging that indiscriminately affects women and men, already aged 20 years and over \'. The eye contour, in fact, is the most delicate area of the face, the one that most of all is intended to write down very easily, especially in those who are predisposed.
Unfortunately, despite the many attempts made by many beauty salons, eliminate bags and dark circles is not entirely simple.
What is necessary is rather to prevent these blemishes, by following a proper diet, avoiding excessive stress and trying to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, but if that were not enough, there are valid measures that fashion has generously our disposal.

The frame: attention to weight
It may seem far-fetched, but it really is true: the rims of glasses plays a vital role in disguising the bags and dark circles under the eyes.
They come in different shapes and materials, but, what affects significantly on them to our detriment is the weight: it plays a decisive role going to fall on the whole base of the nose, for slowing down the effect the movement.
To those who happened to take off your glasses and notice of the signs on the sides of the nose?
Well, for the uninitiated, this phenomenon is not entirely natural.
Many believe to be a "normal" effect, which is endured in spite of ourselves, however, in hindsight, it does not. Those wearing heavy frames, maybe not well balanced in weight, will be potentially subject to this phenomenon, with the effect that the imperfections of the bags and dark circles will hand it to worsen.

The trick ... in makeup: eye shapes and colors
The ideal setting for those who suffer from dark circles and bags can not be said that if it is not selected so as to marry perfectly with makeup that makes it as background.
The ideal, for those who in the morning just does not tolerate the presence of these unwelcome guests on your face, it is, in any case, avoid wearing glasses per day, even worse if small and round.
Best to wear frames rather wide and thick, but not heavy.
The ideal colors are fuchsia and blue, best to avoid white and light pink.
Even the choice of make-up should be privileged these colors, preferably completely ban those excessively white, like white milk or cream.
Another little trick is to avoid loading too eyelashes and eyebrows with makeup: an excessive amount of pencil and eye shadow can weigh down the look by putting more results in dark circles and bags.

One last tip, this time of a practical nature: those who usually wears glasses must be especially careful eye shadow and pencil because, just as with the creams, they tend a little \'to evaporate the instant after application.
And \'well then, do not wear glasses immediately after rigged, because this phenomenon could cause discomfort and burning, with the effect of further compromise the outline, that the "eye area" is the most delicate and vulnerable part.


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