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News » Health: how to preserve it and live longer

Health: how to preserve it and live longer

Protect ourselves from disease, have a good health and prolong our lives, is this not the greatest of the possible ambitions?
Who would put in second place, in his own wish list, this goal?
Special is the gift of life, extraordinary good health and if it is true that no one can fight the natural, inexorable passage of time is also true that something can be done concretely to live better and longer.
Here it is reported some valid suggestions that may be helpful in order.

1) The Board more inflated? Eating fruits and vegetables ... right, but not enough! If you care care about your health do not forget to consume whole grains, if possible at every meal.
Do not overlook the important contribution of available nutrients that dried fruit is mine, first of all unsaturated fats, valid allied health of our heart, as well as vitamins of groups B and E. large amounts are not needed: the sufficient dose recommended by specialists and doctors amounts also only 4-5 fruits each day, a "sacrifice" that can easily be tolerated ... is not it?
2) prefer foods rich in antioxidants: we hear so much about today, and with good reason: they -in particular polyphenols and flavonoidi- are carriers of health benefits paid by the eyes and vision, they are able to considerably improve circulation and also encourage the well-being of the heart and blood vessels.
The -better if green, natural antioxidants such as bioflavonoids and concentrated tannini- cocoa and red wine were the main food sources. Particular attention should be given also to the assumption of an appreciable source of Omega 3 daily, number one ally of our memory, concentration and, more generally, the health of our mind and our heart, since it is attributable excellent ability to prevent degenerative diseases, charged species of the heart, inhibiting the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the blood vessels.

3) exercising, and activities to Undergo dutiful health checks with a certain rate every year. Health is not in fact only related to food.
Those who believe that making regular physical activity makes them immune from any disease: the danger is, in fact, always around the corner.
Prevention remains and will always remain our best weapon of defense, and it, today as never before, is favored in every field: run a regular eye tests, to check whether it is necessary to wear and / or change lenses view, as well as perform periodic blood tests is the best way to take care of themselves preventing a problem initially irrelevant can assume, if neglected, a connotation of greater severity.

Our advice is, however, not to overdo it because the excesses, from wherever they tend, are capable of leading us in the opposite direction to that which we would like to achieve.


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