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News » Children eyewear: how it has changed over time the visual experience of the smallest

Children eyewear: how it has changed over time the visual experience of the smallest

Whoever you come across while reading this article you know well as a time to undergo an eye examination to represent an operation mainly over 15-16 years.
The children\'s glasses, in truth, were not present on the market in such a way as widespread as today. It was really rare, in fact, to an eye doctor, diagnose a child of 5-6 years the presence of myopia, or even worse, of presbyopia.
This meant, for the poor little "unfortunate turn" being labeled by boyfriends with shameful words that deliberately disregard here.
Today, we are witnessing a net reversal of the situation and glasses for children represent a daily accessory use by a slice equal to at least 30% of children under 12.
What has changed in visual experience of the smallest?
How should one relate with this change?
Let\'s find out together.

Change in lifestyle and habits
To have resulted in a substantial and net visual experience changes in smaller, who increasingly need spectacles for children, it is their way of life: the fact of spending too much time in front of a pc or playstation does nothing injure harm to the eye.
then accomplice increasingly invasive use and massive smartphone, at an early age, the child\'s eye has sensitized the light resistance.
Reading the written text with more and smaller fonts, then, it forces the eye to work overtime leading to dryness of the eye and clouding of vision due to prolonged effort. Some recent studies have even found that on average the reading distance from the mentioned devices is equal to 20-30 cm, a distance ridiculous and downright disturbing that not only arousing alarm, inevitably feeds - and fortunately we can say - the trade of glasses for children.

How to choose glasses ideal for children
The children\'s glasses should be chosen with knowledge of the facts, we can certainly say more carefully and in great detail than it has place for our.
It \'important to choose the right color of the frame, it must please the child, to be himself to choose it so that I can feel comfortable in wearing "her glasses."
Even the shape of children\'s glasses must be perfectly suited to the face and tastes the same, because they may cause an unwelcome form a total rejection of the glasses from the small, only a few days of purchase of the same.
And \'then - and here the choice should be guided by purely pragmatic canons - preference should be given material as resistant as possible that does not represent in any way a motion limit. It \'good to prefer a material able to withstand any falls, because certainly these will take place.

Last but not least, remember: children need sun for the development of their bones and their eyes but at the same time they must be preserved by the aggression of UV rays.
The purpose is good to choose glasses that children are given a UV protection of 100%.


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