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News » Oakley: clarity and sharpness of the images into a single High Definition Lens

Oakley: clarity and sharpness of the images into a single High Definition Lens

There is only one concern among those who "challenge" extreme sports: high performance.
Well aware of the originators of Oakley sunglasses, the external prosthesis which have revolutionized the field of view of sports. Eyewear that arises from the purpose of ensuring safety and optimum performance of all those professional athletes or simple sports enthusiasts, who demand excellent visibility, and thus a vision as much as possible clear, sharp and precise.
In what extent do the Oakley sunglasses the more common ones?
What is the technology used to manufacture this innovative product?
Let\'s find out.

benefits related to the use of Oakley glasses
Well Oakley eyewear provide a more accurate picture than conventional lenses: they magnify images by showing the objects in a different position than the actual.
The curvature on the bottom and the shape of the lens are designed to improve performance: the upper visual field is extended, the air circulation is maximized so as to provide optimal ventilation and keeping cool the face of the sportsman. The terminals and the noses of Oakley sunglasses are designed to allow a perfect fit and secure, even in the presence of sweat on his face.
The lenses are interchangeable and can be replaced in a few seconds, so as to adapt the vision in any sport environment.
The O Matter frame material is extremely resistant to stress, while being lightweight and durable.

Light control and regularization of colors: the magic of Oakley glasses
If comfort and protection throughout the day are definitely the main advantages offered by Oakley glasses, it can not be silenced their more appreciable technical talent: they control the light that reaches the eye and regulate precisely the colors, enfatizzandoli.
The result? Exceptional perception of details and an extraordinarily sharp vision.
The game-changer technology, the result of almost twenty years of field testing, allows you to better see the holes, the terrain changes, even in that which does not appear visibly uneven, and this throughout the whole day, even in adverse weather conditions and in the presence of low light.

amazing effects with zero alterations
It is no coincidence that the Oakley glasses have even surpassed, their determination for the optical sector, namely the control standards of the American National Standards Institute.
No glue, no overlaps, no added: Oakley sunglasses have simply sharper polarized lenses in the world. They are manufactured at the same time, so as to perfectly align and center the polarization axis.
This technical trick prevents the unwanted glare of creep, as always, through the lens edges, avoiding, consequently, the risk of distractions during physical performance.

Available in different colors, these glasses are really the most that the optical market has to offer to sports: perfect fit, integration with the environment, light adaptation, without conflict, no light leaks, with no distractions.


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