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News » Persol eyeglasses: all about style

Persol eyeglasses: all about style

The use of sunglasses, especially during the summer season, is the most effective way to protect yourself from potential harm resulting from sunlight but, lovers of style, very well look after the aesthetics here is that the Persol sunglasses, this point of view, the best guarantee.
This large well-known company based on the assumption, absolutely shared and shareable, it is necessary to privilege the aesthetic appearance and, of course, the quality of the lens that is to be adapted to filter not only UV rays but also the so-called "blue light" .
Choosing the right lens proves to be a perfect mix of all these aspects and Persol glasses guarantee full satisfaction on all fronts.

Sunglasses Persol eyewear: a timeless brand
Persol is an evocative name in the field of sunglasses.
Persol sunglasses, with their unique style, are a true icon of Made in Italy.
Her designs are a fusion of aesthetic and technological qualities that make it a distinctive trade mark for the wearer. They not for nothing are, by far, his favorite glasses of movie stars and all those who love the elegance as a choice of daily life.
The Persol tradition started in 1917, it has increasingly evolved through a stylistic research and constant attention to detail that has led to timeless models: the models represented by the double bridge and the construction of the light and elegant Persol Calligrapher Edition will surely represent an effective witness.
Thanks to a design that goes to privilege thinned lines, all Persol glasses are characterized by extremely light, in all its models, which has always mount lenses in high quality crystal, including Polar and ultra-thin.
Icon of Persol glasses is the acetate model considered legendary for being worn Steve McQueen on the set of his famous films, as well as, of course, in his private life. Worked using quality materials and handicraft techniques, it has rods characterized by Meflecto and Freccia Supreme completely folding systems.

Persol eyewear: how to choose?
The light radiation should not be underestimated at all: in fact, the eye can not focus on the "blue light" on the retina, and this is likely to damage it.
In the selection of sunglasses must be adapted to take account of the good quality that allows that to filter the light allowing the eyes to strive less.
Sunglasses Persol sunglasses absorb the harmful rays and filter the light, thus allowing to strive to less eyes. There are lots of models offered today, both by sight alone, many of which have antiallergic frame and unique colors.
In the new collections features, for example, a new Madreterra acetate of outstanding beauty, associated with of high quality crystal lenses which offer a perfectly clear vision and protect from 100% harmful sun rays.
The PO3157 model alone Phantos acetate is a contemporary homage to the sophisticated aesthetic of the 40s, with low volumes and thin profile, is lightweight to wear and is available in a stylish range of combinations.


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