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News » Tired and bloodshot eyes: when to start worrying?

Tired and bloodshot eyes: when to start worrying?

The eye is a highly complex wonder which manages to record, in a flash, data intended to be transmitted immediately to the brain.
It is well understood that to have tired and bloodshot eyes represents the minimum reaction that they can demonstrate, considering the important work accomplished.
The eyes are also able to express emotions and feelings by sending them to those around us, often without the need to even utter the word. The eye plays an important role, connection between the inner world and the outer world, and is called to work intensively. It will happen to all of experiencing eye fatigue without thereby harbor any concern.
There is found to have eyes tired and bloodshot, for example, after a long drive, perhaps in poor visibility conditions, after an activity performed in a dry air environment, or after a hard day at the computer.
But, one wonders, is always normal to be tired and bloodshot eyes, and when it is good, rather than to consider it a "normal" phenomenon, start to worry?
Let\'s find out.

Allergy and conjunctivitis
Having eyes tired and bloodshot can find because in a manifest or latent allergy, which causes also, very often, itching and burning. Have you ever wondered why this happens?
In some people, the immune system reacts to certain substances like pollen, dust, animal dander, chemicals found in contact lenses or make-up, with an inflammatory reaction, releasing histamine that causes dilation of blood vessels, making the red eyes and tearful.
Behind the annoying phenomenon of tired and bloodshot eyes can also be hidden conjunctivitis, which consists of an infection of the conjunctiva, which is thin and transparent membrane that lines the eyelids.
In these cases, the conjunctiva is infected to cause irritation and swelling of blood vessels that give the eye that aspect pink or red.

Chronic dry eye and misuse of contact lenses
The chronic dryness can cause inflammation of the eye surface. When there are tears, in fact, in the eyes it is not this protection and they react with the dilation of blood vessels, so, with inflammation.
The contact lenses can sometimes, especially in cases where they face an incorrect use, worsen the dry eye syndrome because they tend to restrict the normal production of liquid reducing, at the same time, the amount of oxygen that reaches the cornea.
Excessive use of contact lenses, the microbes in contact with the eyes and the dirt of the surfaces on which they are often placed are the most frequent causes of eyes tired and bloodshot.

Other diseases triggering the syndrome of tired eyes and reddened
Having eyes tired and bloodshot can find because, fortunately less frequently, in some other diseases such as blepharitis, which causes inflammation of the eyelid and eyelashes, uveitis, or inflammation of the eye uvea, the \'corneal ulcer, or infection of the cornea, and some, fortunately not very frequent, eye injury.

That\'s why it is necessary periodic monitoring of the eyes, especially in the presence of early warning signs, because the syndrome of tired and bloodshot eyes is not always as normal as it is believed.


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