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News » Shatterproof lenses: are they really the most popular?

Shatterproof lenses: are they really the most popular?

When we are in the process of buying a pair of glasses that we would have shatterproof lenses can last forever.
The question we ask is whether to buy glasses in plastic / organic material or glass, mineral or natural. Be astonished to learn that there is no absolute material as "good" and, therefore, best-selling of another in our country, this is because each material has certain characteristics that can be like one or the other individual depending on your needs .
For all practical purposes, in order to make an informed choice and conscious, the first thing to do is to know the differences.

Eyeglass mineral glass
The mineral glass lenses for glasses are certainly not unbreakable lenses up to the expectations of the consumer. Because of their fragility, even banned in several countries they are in the guide, because of the risk of rupture in any accidents and impacts with the airbag.
Their heaviness, also, makes them unsuitable to be fitted in most modern frames. We must recognize, however, that they have the particular characteristics that hardly can be found in the lenses of plastic / organic material.
The particle scratch resistance - very appreciated and appreciable in an eyeglasses or sunglasses that is - for example, is one of them.
In severe cases of ametropia, also, these lenses are able to provide the necessary corrections with really thin thickness, so the aesthetic appearance, in this case, plays a very important role.

Lenses for natural glass spectacles
The natural glass is still widely used today. For the realization of shatterproof lenses this material is used, which, however, does not guarantee the excellence in terms of impact resistance.
However it, blended with other materials, avoids the formation of a sharp edge especially in the case of bifocals and trifocals.
One of the main advantages underlying the use of this material is to make, then, the free glasses by the intense color fringes, which disturb especially those that are found, for pleasure or for work, often to the guide. This is the so-called "dispersion", that, with this type of lens, is surely contained.

Spectacle lenses of plastic material
The lenses of plastic material, known as organic glass, shatterproof lenses are of high resistance. They certainly represent the largest share of the market sold lenses.
They are valid for all types of glasses and definitely recommended for children\'s glasses and for sports for another being very light and also comfortable to wear.
Their main feature, consisting in high shock resistance, making them suitable for those who are in daily contact with any flying sparks, fire, such as those contained in the filings and welding.
Another advantage of plastic compared to those in the glass lenses, in addition to that of being very resistant shatterproof lenses, is to be able to be treated with any hue, while those in the glass can be dyed with only a few colors and at very high prices.
Plastic lenses are therefore the best answer for all those who want to enjoy an extremely resistant lens and by those who love to follow the latest fashion trends, but at the same time, are not particularly strong in terms of scratch resistance and not They lend themselves to being aimed at people with high alcohol content, because the thickness is not the best that can be expected in terms of aesthetics.

As we see, the advantages and disadvantages there is for all ... good choice!


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