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News » Carrera eyewear: the new proposals of a timeless fashion

Carrera eyewear: the new proposals of a timeless fashion

Style, charm and freedom of expression, authenticity, functionality: these are the core values that have made the Carrera glasses among the best known and areas around the world.
At the base of the Carrera brand philosophy is the refinement of the quality of lenses and materials used to package a product of excellence, the one that, even today, after n years before it is one of the most sold in the world, with its style and its unique design.
Really worth to review the new proposals of the Carrera glasses for this new season.

Carrera eyewear eyeglasses unisex line
Light, multicolor and glam: the new Carrera eyewear line of sight brings the value of sustainability to 360 °. The trend this year is eco-friendly, so not only fashion and beauty, but also ethics, also in terms of eyewear.
So go-ahead to unisex glasses with attractive lines, unique design, in some cases essential, which is well suited to both sexes. This is certified glasses with lenses that have a special attention for the consumer, even for what concerns the frames.

Carrera sunglasses from junior line views Unisex
The children\'s eyewear has always been indisputably unsightly.
That is, until some time ago, today, things are bound to change, thanks to the brand new Carrera eyewear line junior. Children are more and more demanding and even the little ones are very fashion conscious and this not only in clothes, but also accessories.
He certainly change his mind by those who think that the aviator frames and cat-eye represent a must-have just for the big guys.
Then this is the year he depopulated the tendency mini-me, even when it comes to sunglasses.
Many are the junior models that replicate in sizes small glasses of Carrera eyewear collections for adults. The lines for children will then dress in new colors, new designs and unpublished applications, offering a proven quality.

The new collection of sunglasses Carrera sunglasses

Nostalgic footprints and minimal cuts of the past come to life with great class in the new glasses Carrera sunglasses. They are revalued or degrade the very dark lenses and great charm will reveal camouflage frames.
Beautiful, among the many new proposals, sunglasses Carrera 115S stainless steel with extra-slim profiles. To fascinate is their matt finish with a design clearly recovered from retro silhouette, signed by a curved bridge and reversed the frontal and inherited from the legendary Original Boeing collection of the brand Carrera.

clean and fine lines, suitable for all, a return to the essential, even in eyeware, eyeglasses or sunglasses they are, can only be appreciated and valuable.


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