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News » Glasses with progressive lenses: the tools for healthy sight to 360 °

Glasses with progressive lenses: the tools for healthy sight to 360 °

Progressive lenses are made with a special geometry that allows you to see more easily at any distance. Are the last generation ophthalmic lenses, designed and recommended for all those people who are affected by visual disturbances such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and that, with advancing years, they begin to also be sighted so difficult to see up close .
In these cases, you need to put on and remove different glasses for both read it to focus on objects at a distance. This can be a discomfort that progressive lenses can easily overcome because with only one pair of glasses you can get the right focus in all circumstances.

Progressive lenses: how they are made?
The progressive lens is formed by "zones" different, each of which allows the focus according to the distance from which part and on which focuses the observation point.
The highest part of the lens is the area useful for distance vision.
Going to get off it forms a kind of funnel (of progression zone) with constant variation of power that allows the vision at intermediate distance (from about 2 m. To 50 cm.).
The lower zone, instead, allows the correction to be close and allows to focus on objects at a distance less than 50 cm. The funnel side parts are not areas of vision in which it is not guaranteed the same sharpness that is own of the central part.
In daily life, therefore, thanks to the progressive lenses, with the use of a pair of glasses will be possible only in an absolutely sharp observe objects at a distance and looking down, in the lower part of the lenses, it is possible to focus on the intermediate distances up to the closest ones.
These lenses take over, in hindsight, a completely natural movement: in fact, in looking at objects up close, and the act of reading, they tend to look down slightly.

Progressive lenses: how they respond to the needs and common habits
In the life of every day it is very often hear different opinions about the progressive lenses.
To the many people who have no difficulties, and in fact have tightened their most familiar with these types of glasses, they are opposed rather those who complain about noise or is not able to adapt. Very important to ensure that the glasses have a successful outcome is definitely a correct prescription, proper centering and a good quality of progressive lenses.
The prescribed lenses properly will allow their clear vision and a general condition of maximum comfort. It is centered at the pupillary holes enable a correct focus at all distances by eliminating the incorrect head posture.
The good quality of progressive lenses, then, has an important influence in the quality of vision and also the initial adaptation itself. The poor quality of the lenses, in fact, tends to restrict the visual fields in all areas of the lenses: this reduction of the visual field implies, in general, however, the need to move the head with the most frequency in the attempt to try to put in fire.

As can be understood, a pair of glasses with progressive lenses requires a certain set of characteristics: the only way it can help to improve our healthy sight.


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