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News » Change eye color here is how far you can push the fashion of the retouching

Change eye color here is how far you can push the fashion of the retouching

Rampant everywhere and not only in photography, retouching is a generalized fashion, especially in the field of beauty. In the 90 was under the eyes of all a very unusual and unexpected phenomenon: Botox and Botox have started making their beautiful presence in many beauty salons of the great Italian cities, thus becoming no longer just confined to the availability of the chosen few , but of all.
It seemed to have been touched goals are difficult to overcome, well, we have to think again, because retouching today can go even further and can also involve the eyes.
Yeah, because the desire to have a look of ice has always been, especially for women, a dream, navy and teal remain the most pleasing colors ... but get to those results is really not advisable, we discover why.

Distortion of the retouching logic?
The possibility, now granted us by the aesthetic medicine, to improve our appearance should not be blindly tested on the eyes: this is the warning of the greatest specialists in the field, among which stands Dr. Lucio Buratto, scientific director of the Ophthalmic Center Ambrosiano in Milan.
Game from the East and today arrived in Italy across the United States, this trend has crept in a totally illegitimate in our country: to date, there is no official authorized technique that allows you to lighten up.
Same is true speech, in any case and in a more generalized, abroad: in no country in the world today, there are specific interventions approved by the supervisory bodies.
This practice seriously devious and harmful must be brought to light, and, in a logic of disbelief toward such treatments, must be more than ever a discussion topic.
The fact is that, unlike other devices, and existing solutions in the field of aesthetics and retouching, you can not fold, at least today, of an authorized alternative treatment to this that concerns precisely the color of the eyes.

Damage chargeable to the practice of "eye retouching"
This practice, as controversial and questionable from an ethical viewpoint and that of the results which can reasonably obtain, must be eradicated in the bud because the damage potential of causing within our eyes are nothing short of remarkable.
The intervention, which has a duration of just 20 seconds, is expressed in the target the melanin, namely the pigment responsible for the coloring of the eye with a laser.
This procedure, never approved by any monitoring body reporting to public health, may cause side effects in the long term: the pigment released by the iris as a result of the laser can block the outflow of the aqueous humor, with \' effect of increasing, even significantly, the eye pressure. This effect could generate the onset of pigmentary glaucoma, very serious disease that may even lead to blindness.

And \'likely that, given the commendable and rewarding achievements in the field of aesthetics and eye area and views, it will reach one day to get a safe technique which enables amendments to, at will, the eye color. For now you can not get results like that, nor believed that this can happen fairly quickly.
It is urgent to increase the dialogue and the controls on rogue traders to stop the spread of this practice dangers have.


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