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News » The importance of the anti-reflective coating on eyeglass lenses

The importance of the anti-reflective coating on eyeglass lenses

In the selection of prescription lenses, along with the quality of the material and its geometric design, the coatins to which they should be subject should also be taken into account.
These interventions consist in the application of thin films - deposited on its surface - to help maximize the transmittance and resistance to scratches by the lenses.
The treatments in question, then, make it possible to render it hydrophobic, smoother and favor its easy cleaning.
The antireflection coating, in particular, significantly improve the comfort of those who wear glasses, raising, in every situation, the visual quality of the lenses. But, what exactly is this better visibility experience? Let\'s find out.

AR coating: the best action against "parasitic images"
The anti-reflective coating has, for a long time now, considered one of the most effective ways to eliminate a part of the reflected light not useful, that is, which do not contribute to form the final image, and ranging, rather, to reduce the sharpness.
For these reasons, it is preferable to precisely use glasses with anti-reflective lenses, increasing the transmittance, improve the aesthetic appearance and eliminate "parasitic images".
These "unnecessary" reflections they place on the front surface and the rear of the lens. The light radiation, which is reflected from the rear surface of the lens, penetrates into the pupil, causing a general degradation of the contrast and thus the visual quality.
The production of images "eddy" - the same as with the anti-reflective coating will be to eliminate - are inconsistent with what is observed and this penalizes the vision especially at night because the dark background tends to maximize its presence.

Benefits guaranteed by the use of an anti-reflective coating
The anti-glare treatment makes use of mineral salts and metal oxides that are placed on the surface of the lenses to eliminate the described reflections of light that tend to reduce the sharpness of the final image.
The advantages of a lens subjected to antireflection treatment are remarkable. Among them:
• Reduction, up to almost total abatement of the annoying halos caused by artificial light sources;
• Glare Reduction of deriving light from reflective surfaces;
• Elimination of reflections caused by the presence of light from sources placed behind the glasses;
• Improved visual conditions during nighttime driving and wet road surface;
• Increased transmittance value resulting in better view of your surroundings.

anti-reflection multi-coating: what is it?
The optical field of technology developments have led to the definition of the multilayer antireflection treatment, also known as broadband coating, an intervention that makes it possible to reduce the reflectance of the lens almost to zero with the simultaneous, annexed inclusion also of a hardener layer and a repellent.
The companies that produce higher quality ophthalmic lenses today tend to perform just the multi-layer coatings because they can make the water-repellent lens, more resistant to scratches and to eliminate, at the same time, the amount of light reflected from their surface.
The combination of these treatments, called multifunctional, is a crucial element for improving the visual quality and comfort of those who wear glasses.


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