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News » How to prevent and treat visual defects in children

How to prevent and treat visual defects in children

The visual field functions are in the youngest among the most delicate, that\'s the reason why you should take care to verify the possible presence of visual defects in children even at an early age.
Just born, a newborn can perceive sound and color, and has not yet developed the view. In the following weeks he start to see bleary-eyed, black and white, and, after two months of life, the child begins to develop the view.
However, the psychomotor development process is very long and complex, and even as a child can occur visual changes.
Exceeded six years, one in four children already has poor eyesight.
The presence of visual defects in children, unfortunately, in recent years, continues to grow, too - but not only - because of the TV screens, computers or tablet on which the eyes of the children remain glued longer .

visual defects in children: here is how to behave
Do check the view of their children is very important in order to prevent or at least to verify time, the presence of visual defects in children.
So it is all the more essential in view of the vital role that the view takes in the learning mode of the same.
Children should undergo early as three years to the first comprehensive eye exam and, later, the examination should be repeated every two years, of course, unless otherwise noted ophthalmologist.
Today, only 70-80% of parents subjected their children to control by the specialist view. It would be very important that all the children were subjected to various eye examinations recommended control.
Identify at an early age children any visual defects, it means, in fact, reduce the risk that the problem escalates. An incorrect visual defect in the early impact on the development of visual function and, once the 8 years of the child\'s age, the chances of recovery, in terms of visual quality, are significantly reduced.

How to prevent the problem from getting worse?
Notwithstanding that, in the absence of early controls, we are likely to seriously affect the view in children from large, it is possible, by the parents, intervene to time in the presence of visual defects in children, in order to prevent the appearance, or at least , contain the slow and progressive them degenerate.
Experts advise to spend their children many hours in air rather than permitting them to remain too much time glued to the various tools that technology today puts at our disposal.
The data, in fact, are alarming: myopia, visual disorder that now affects one in four people, usually occurs around 13-14 years, while 60% of small short-sighted has more than 15 years.
Hyperopia is also particularly widespread among the smallest.
The child, in fact, born hyperopic naturally and growing the defect can be reduced or disappear.
For the visual defects in children are added the disorders related to the various allergies, with all the problems attached which, although not directly involving the view, they suffer the eye with risk for vision.
The allergic conjunctivitis, for example, in small can determine a rubbing of the eyes also marked. This involuntary attitude, in susceptible individuals, may favor the appearance of diseases that, although, fortunately, rarely, can also bring more serious consequences.


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