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News » To clarify the retinal detachment here are some answers to frequently asked questions

To clarify the retinal detachment here are some answers to frequently asked questions

What is the retina and how it works? Exactly what is retinal detachment?
E \'right and normal to undergo these questions, given the importance that the retina plays for normal functions performed by our eyes.
It is, in fact, an eye membrane that covers the inner surface, a nervous tissue end, extremely sensitive to light. You could be compared to the sensor of a digital camera: it is for it, in fact, the daunting task of transforming images into nerve impulses which are then transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve.
The retina, in normal conditions, remains fixed in its natural place thanks to the pressure of a jelly-like fluid that fills the bulb, the vitreous body.
And \'the latter to push the retina on the inner wall of the bulb, protecting it from possible trauma from outside.
That, however, can take place under certain conditions, detachment of the retina: it loses its natural position, which is fixed.

So what is meant exactly for retinal detachment?
The Ablatio retinae, or retinal detachment, takes place, more specifically, because of the lifting of the neuroretina, consisting of photoreceptors and nerve cells.
Because of a "break" it may detach from the fabric which adheres to curl leaves.
The retina, in this situation, is not able to transmit signals to the brain an adequate image, therefore, the vision becomes blurred and reduced.

What are the causes of retinal detachment?
The causes retinal detachment may be different.
Sometimes, this phenomenon occurs in people of middle age with a medium-high myopia, more than three diopters, although, fortunately, this rarely happens.
Other times, the separation takes place in subjects with peripheral retinal degeneration.
In other cases, however, the retinal detachment is due to a blunt trauma ocular or is the consequence of complications resulting from diabetic retinopathy.
According to recent studies, this phenomenon may be favored by the recruitment of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones.

What are the symptoms related to this disease?
Symptoms associated with retinal detachment are different, however, is never present pain.
The most common symptom is the vision of a kind of "tent" in the visual field.
The perception of flashes of light, bright flash, dark spots, lines in the visual field, commonly called "floaters" of floaters, definitely represent the most manifest symptoms. Surely, if there is a sudden drop in sight, you should immediately carry out the necessary checks in order to ascertain that it has not in fact taken place a detached retina.

How is retinal detachment?
The immediate treatment of retinal detachment is salvific because it can minimize the damage to the eye. In fact, when the disease is diagnosed early it is often enough to make around the retinal degeneration treatment argon laser photocoagulation.
In other circumstances, however, it is considered necessary surgery, generally performed under general anesthesia.
Once you repositioned the retina caused by the shadow disappear detachment.
Undergo the operation is very important to avoid compromising the view itself.
Timeliness, in all this, plays a very important role.

It can prevent retinal detachment?
Genetic predisposition in the case of retinal detachment is, unfortunately, very influential.
In the event that there have been precedents in the family, it is important to have regular checks: the percentage of risk is, in fact, greater than the average, and will therefore need more attention.

Retinal detachment, unfortunately, can also lead to serious visual recovery problems.
Better therefore intervene to time with appropriate and frequent eye examinations.


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