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News » Ophthalmic headache: the nature and causes of migraine that involves visual disturbances

Ophthalmic headache: the nature and causes of migraine that involves visual disturbances

Ophthalmic headache is a "headache" quite common.
It occurs very often with an unpleasant feeling of the skull pain, localized or diffuse, fixed or pulsating, sometimes accompanied by symptoms of nausea, vomiting, fever, dizziness and increased lacrimation.
In the presence of ophthalmic headache may present visual disturbances such as seeing lines in the central or peripheral vision, which sometimes can be associated to flashing phenomena. This migraine, then, as we understand, interferes significantly with the view of our surroundings. This state of discomfort may occur for a period of time content, sometimes a few minutes or up to one hour, and you go, below, to resolve spontaneously.
Rest in a dark, quiet room is often speeds up recovery, making no need drug treatment. In other circumstances, however, this disorder can persist and can last for several hours, resulting in chronic headache, at regular intervals or at sporadic intervals between attacks and the next.

Investigation into the causes of ophthalmic headache
The specific underlying causes of ophthalmic headache have not been identified yet, despite numerous studies. What is certain is that this is a response by the body - specifically neurologically - related to specific stimuli in poor vision.
The latter, in fact, are common to many of those affected.
The main studies relating to the causes of this disorder are moving in two different directions, identifying them, respectively, in the genetic causes and vascular causes.
• The research of the genetic causes of ophthalmic headache is the most considered in recent decades. According to this theory, the cause of the disorder is to be found in the inheritance refers to a number of genes. Lifestyle and environmental factors should be, then, to play an important role among the causes of ophthalmic headache. It is believed, also, that inheritance, in this type of headache, has its influence: in some cases, in fact, genetic mutations have been identified that explain some forms of this type of headache.
• According to the theory of vascular causes it is assumed vasodilation extracranial origin ophthalmic migraine. However, this alteration of the blood flow, is not present in all patients. Recently, however, this theory is less consensus with respect to genetic causes.

What to do in an ophthalmic headache?
The eye examination is certainly a milestone as far as ophthalmic headache is concerned. Many headaches, in fact, depend on the eyes, but it is good to be very careful because sometimes, even if it occurs it with eye symptoms, the origin is different.
Headaches ophthalmic may appear suddenly creating a visual field distortion that usually disappears, as clarified, generally within thirty minutes.
A visit to an eye doctor can direct the subject toward the hygiene standards of living and can be of great help to avoid behavior that might trigger the crisis.
However, in severe cases, it is often prescribed prolonged use of drugs, in order to reduce the severity and frequency of attacks.


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