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News » Macular degeneration: causes, symptoms and complications. Here\'s how to catch it early.

Macular degeneration: causes, symptoms and complications. Here's how to catch it early.

The symptoms of macular degeneration usually develop gradually and without pain. While this is a benefit, on the other hand it implies a serious risk: what we avveda it so late, with all the consequences that would arise.
It \'should not underestimate the problem: this pathology, in fact, is particularly insidious.
The macular degeneration goes to strike the eyes of people who are already advanced in years, therefore, weaker eyes, with little chance of recovery and recovery.
But something can be done. Meanwhile, it should start from the knowledge of the symptoms and the causes behind this disease.

The symptoms related to macular degeneration include:
- Visual distortions, such as vision of straight lines or bent;
- Reduced central vision in one or both eyes;
- The need for brighter light when reading;
- More difficult to adapt to low light levels;
- Blur in reading the words of the press;
- Difficulty in recognizing faces (in severe cases).
As clarified, sometimes, it is not easy to be aware of these symptoms: what happens, particularly when related macular degeneration affects only one eye.
In this case, in fact, they do not feel significant changes in vision because the "good" eye goes to offset the weak eye.

Causes and origins of macular degeneration
No one knows precisely identify the causes of macular degeneration.
According to recent studies, it seems that it may be the result of a combination of heredity and environmental factors.
This combination of factors would generate a significant and meaningful premature aging of the eye, which would compromise the macula, an area of the retina responsible for clear vision, an MP from view.

Risk factors and complications
Factors that may fuel the risk of macular degeneration include:
- Age: this disease is, in fact, more common in people over 65 years old;
- Family and genetic history: This disease has a hereditary component. Researchers have identified several genes that are responsible for the disease;
- Smoking: those who use cigarettes or those who are regularly exposed to tobacco smoke, runs greater risk of being a victim of age related macular degeneration;
- Obesity: Research indicates that being obese or follow a bad diet, significantly feeds the risk of being affected by this disease;
- Cardiovascular disease: those who have been affected by a heart attack or accuse cardiovascular problems are at higher risk of macular degeneration.

When to see a specialist?
In the case of age related macular degeneration it is of vital importance to intervene to time.
And \'appropriate to consult a specialist at the first occurrence of the following symptoms:
- Changes in the central vision;
- Reduction of the ability to see colors and details.
These changes, especially for those over 65, may represent the first serious and eloquent warning bell of the possible onset of age-related macular degeneration.

Those affected can get to experience depression or visual hallucinations.
Additionally, if not diagnosed and treated early, the disease can progress, or rather, degenerate to rapid loss of vision.
So it is better not to underestimate the problem.


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