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News » Conjunctival allergy: treatment and tricks for a better living

Conjunctival allergy: treatment and tricks for a better living

The conjunctival allergy is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, ie of the membrane that covers the white of the eye and the inner part of the eyelids.
This disorder is caused by an excessive sensitivity to foreign substances.
There are various causes, leading to them come the infections due to bacteria and viruses and allergies to chemicals, as well as drugs and cosmetics.
Although more rarely, conjunctival allergy can be inflicted by physical agents, such as excessive exposure to sunlight or other radiation.

Symptoms and Diagnosis
The main symptoms of allergy conjunctival are represented by excessive tearing with abundant secretion which tends to glue the lashes, burning, sensation of having a foreign body in the eye, photophobia and itching: the latter, in particular, is certainly the most common symptom and can last from a few hours to a few days.
The diagnosis is carried to the eye through a microscope with a slit lamp which allows to check the signs of the presence conjunctival allergy as, for example, the thickening of blood vessels on the surface of the eye itself.

How is allergy conjunctival?
The conjunctival allergy it can deal with results that can vary from one individual to another.
However, it should make clear that "Allergic" remains throughout life.
The main treatment is, when possible, to remove the responsible allergen or try at least to avoid the maximum extent possible.
Additional treatments are the use of topical eye drops and the use of artificial tears.
Specific immunotherapy provides an administration of increasing doses of allergen to induce tolerance, thereby desensitizing the subject towards the allergen.

Measures to be taken in the home and outdoors
Special attention on the part of those affected by conjunctival allergy, should be given in the home.
And \'especially here that you have to avoid triggering and / or facilitate the reproduction of mites process.
The first trick is to avoid the filing of pet dander.
The bedroom, in particular, should always be ventilated and must be kept clear by the non-washable furniture or that favor the accumulation of dust as carpets, curtains, carpet.
Who is affected by conjunctival allergy should implement all the pharmacological and behavioral measures preventive.
This in order to be able to spend hours outdoors without incurring the annoying typical of this pathology disorders. By car, it is good to keep the windows closed and use air conditioning with pollen filter.
It \'better to avoid trips to the country in the period of pollination and preferred locations in the high mountains or sea compared to the hill.

particular care with your child are allergic
In the case in which to suffer from conjunctival allergy is a child, that to which the eyes must be paid attention is that the small not go touching to avoid infections and trauma to the cornea.
This arrangement makes it even more imperative in the presence of severe itching.
You should also pay special attention, especially during the summer season, the sun\'s rays that must be filtered through special glasses with the appropriate filters according to the law that significantly reduce those disorders induced by photophobia, particularly marked in the case of allergic conjunctivitis in the acute phase.
In the case of a child with this disease must be avoided in strictly contact with tobacco smoke: passive smoking, in fact, encourages the development of this disease in children, this even before his birth, then pregnant, but also during lactation.


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