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News » Night blindness: what exactly is it and why do we speaks so little of it?

Night blindness: what exactly is it and why do we speaks so little of it?

Not being able to see perfectly in poorly lit areas or near darkness is quite normal: the eye, too, needs to adapt to the new condition of light. However, night blindness, while sharing these symptoms, it is, instead, a real disease.
Question, specifically, a condition that indicates particular difficulties in focusing on objects in low-light conditions.
It can cause, therefore, difficult or even impossible to drive at night.
From a purely medical point of view, for night blindness, also identified with blindness expression, \'we mean a visual impairment in low light, while the vision appears almost normal during the day.
We must first clarify that night blindness is not to be confused with the so-called night myopia, which latter rather more affects young people and is caused by dilated pupils, difficulty in vision in low-light environments.

What are the causes of night blindness?
Night blindness can be caused by a number of genetic mutations that cause alterations in the photoreceptors and other retinal cells.
These forms of blindness are manifestations of retinitis pigmentosa, a series of hereditary retinal diseases that cause gradual progressive loss of vision.
Older people may be subject to a decrease paraphysiological of rhodopsin (pigment in the rods), resulting in night blindness and other visual disorders.
Another cause of this visual disorder that is certainly taken into account, is also represented by a significant lack of vitamin A.
It helps to transform those images into impulses that are transmitted to the retina, thereby playing an important role in eye health.
Night blindness is also detectable in the presence of cataracts, myopia and glaucoma, often as a side effect of medications Hypotonic.

How is night blindness?
Currently, there is much talk of the problem, despite being widely used, this, probably, may depend on the fact that no single, conclusive therapies for the treatment of night blindness.
However, first of all, you need to verify the source of the problem as it, at least in the case of myopia, can be muffled with vision correction.
In the future, we are focusing on gene therapy that could prove to be salvific for repair those defective genes instead of certain DNA sequences, which, in general, should take place using a vector virus emptied of its original genetic material.

How can you prevent night blindness?
The prevention of night blindness does not seem to lead to concrete results, however, in most cases, you can at least slow down the reduction of the problem.
Most important it is, however, to perform genetic screening, as they have been identified many genes responsible for the pathology in question.
As we mentioned earlier, in addition, vitamin A occupies a very important place in the prevention of this disease. In particular, in retinal degenerations, where they are hit first the rods, different experts recommend administration of small doses per day of vitamin A-palmitate, a precursor of rhodopsin.
This substance, in fact, seems to have a protective effect on the cones, slowing the degeneration.


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