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News » Thrombosis: when the vascular occlusion can also affect the eyes

Thrombosis: when the vascular occlusion can also affect the eyes

The correct and complete definition of retinal vein occlusion (Retinal Vein Occlusion, RVO) includes a heterogeneous group of retinal vascular diseases that can lead to a severe and pronounced deterioration of visual function.
All of these vascular dysfunctions differ in pathogenesis, clinical aspects, course and complications. This occlusion is also, more simply, known as thrombosis.
We try to better understand how and why these retinal vein occlusions occur.

When and why it occurs thrombosis?
Thrombosis is an obstruction in the circulation of a retinal vein.
As such, the block of the movement determines the formation of retinal hemorrhages.
This phenomenon may be a consequence of ischemia, therefore, can take place in the case in which dates are poorly perfused areas and / or in the case of macular edema.
The occlusion can affect the central retinal vein or only a branch of it.
In the first case we speak of Occlusion of Central Retinal Vein (CRVO), in the second case of the Branch Retinal Venous Occlusion (BRVO).

Are there any risk factors?
And \'now scientifically it is proven that there are risk factors that predispose the individual retinal vascular occlusion. These, however, are many and are generally the same which is given encounter in the presence of vascular alterations affecting other body districts (stroke, coronary artery disease, ect.).
Both for the occlusion of the central vein that for that branch, the factors that predispose to the disease in question are, no doubt, mainly cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, obesity, smoking, occlusion of the carotid artery .
All of these diseases are the first cause of flow turbulence which is the basis retinal vascular occlusion.
Of risk factors, also important, there are also other, between these fall within the rheological changes such as, for example, an increase in hematocrit, the plasma viscosity, and red cell aggregation.

What is the treatment of thrombosis?
The treatment of retinal vascular occlusion varies depending on:
- Of the type to be treated;
- Of nature;
- Of the causes that have given rise.
Among all the different treatments to combat this disease and prevent the occurrence of complications related to the proliferation of abnormal cells, the result is definitely more effective in macular grid laser photocoagulation.
In the treatment of ischemic forms, the best results were obtained with the argon laser photocoagulation of the affected areas. Other treatments such as hemodilution vitrectomy with removal of the venous conduit and the administration of anticoagulants and / or anti-platelet and systemic carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, although widely used, do not have significant scientific evidence, these can then be classified as the base of a good routine treatment.

How well we understand, in this, as, indeed, in all other cases of disorders of our eyes, it\'s good to catch it early.
Even a simple diagnosis of the delay can be decisive in terms of the treatment results.


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