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News » Hypertensive retinopathy: what affects blood pressure incidence of the disease?

Hypertensive retinopathy: what affects blood pressure incidence of the disease?

Medicine and science are, with one voice, agree that at the base of hypertensive retinopathy is definitely high blood pressure.
In the presence of high blood pressure indices that exceed threshold levels, the arteries that carry blood and thus oxygen to all tissues harden with age and more blood can hardly reach the tissues.
To the effect, thus it decreases the oxygen supply to the cells of our body, with all the damage that this entails, among the latter being able to count precisely precisely the hypertensive retinopathy, which consists in altering early disorders of retinal blood vessels with annexes at the sight.
However, it should be pointed out that there is an irrefutable link between the two diseases, given that there are individuals who reported degrees of hypertension, also very serious, which do not exhibit hypertensive retinopathy in place.

Symptomatology and diagnosis
In mild forms the hypertensive retinopathy, unfortunately, does not present nearly significant disturbances.
In advanced forms, however, the vision may be blurred and distorted images.
The subject experiences a reduction of visual acuity, which is initially modest but which increases with the progress of the hypertensive state.
Fortunately, at the level of the fundus are the characteristic signs that allow ophthalmologist to detect hypertensive retinopathy differentiate in its various stages.
It follows that it is therefore possible to determine its severity.
And \'therefore vital that all hypertensive patients to undergo an in-depth specialist examination in order to assess the status of the retina through the exploration of the fundus oculi.
In this regard, the specialist studies it is usual to perform fluorescein angiography, better known by its acronym FAG. This is a control performed with the aid of a whole series of photographs of the retinal fundus, obtained thanks to the intravenous injection of a dye: fluorescein.
It can, in this way, consider:
- size and course of the blood vessels;
- presence of hemorrhage or macular edema;
- presence of lesions or ischemic areas;
- stage of the disease.

How you can help the prevention?
In terms of prevention of hypertensive retinopathy much it can be done.
First, you should aim to bring blood pressure to its threshold levels.
They suggest in this regard:
- electrocardiogram;
- Periodic inspections of blood tests;
- balanced diet;
- constant and moderate physical activity.

What is the treatment?
The therapy provided in the presence of hypertensive retinopathy is based, as anticipated, exclusively on the control and on the appropriate systemic treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure).
It is important, therefore, undergo a six-month review of the fundus by an ophthalmologist also to check the effectiveness of current treatment and assess the stage of retinal disease.
Anything can happen against - and in fact it is not uncommon to happen - that is discovered to be hypertensive only after an eye examination, when the doctor detects the presence of early signs of hypertensive retinopathy.
Ben is, therefore, includes what are vital, even in this context, periodic checks at the sight.


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