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News » Macular Pucker: how to diagnose it early and treat it

Macular Pucker: how to diagnose it early and treat it

The macular pucker, also called macular epiretinal membrane (MER), is an alteration anatomical that forms on the inner surface of the retina, a sort of avascular film, caused by the proliferation of glial cells.
The pathological feature of this membrane is that it can lead to a wrinkling of the surface of the retina, which is thus altered to its normal function.
The result is a possible consequent deterioration of vision.
The density of this membrane is quite variable, ranging from a weak surface film that covers the retina to a more substantial pucker that goes to involve all layers of the retina.

Why is it important immediate diagnosis
All conditions should be diagnosed early, you know.
This applies also and especially for the macular pucker: it, in fact, in the most serious cases can get to determine also the detachment of the retina itself.
Authoritative scientific studies show how a posterior vitreous detachment can lead to the formation of macular pucker.
We strongly recommend, therefore, to those who are suffering from these problems, to make periodic visits ophthalmology with analysis of retinal and macular periphery.

Causes and symptoms
Among the main causes of macular pucker training fall, certainly, inflammatory processes and / or complications that arise from retinal laser treatments, especially in cases of patients with diabetic retinopathy.
In many cases, the disease breaks out spontaneously for little known reasons.
The main symptoms at the time of appearance, are:
- Read distortions of the images;
- Vision "rolling" of the texts written with smaller fonts;
- difficult reading;
- Possible vision of a stain that is to prevent the central vision.
Diagnosis and therapy related
It often happens that the diagnosis of macular pucker take place by accident, during an eye examination. Other times it is the patient suffering from MER to request a visit, complaining about a loss of stable vision or worsening, associated with vision distorted images.
The precise diagnosis is made through an examination of the fundus, which in fact allows to visualize the membrane. The confirmation is achieved by OCT, a very precise analysis tool that goes to analyze the retina and, particularly the macula, thus allowing to evaluate the traction entity and its evolution over time.
At present there are no specific pharmacological treatment for this condition.
However, initially just follow the evolution of the development of the membrane, with frequent cleanings every three months, the fundus.
Surgery is reserved for a small number of patients with macular pucker.
Specifically, it is used only in the case where the disease involves a progressive deterioration of visual acuity and distortion of images with persistent disability.
This intervention allows, however, to block the traction mechanisms and, in some cases, allows to smooth the retina, thus making possible a more general improvement of symptoms and a reduction, sometimes significant, of visual distortion.
In recent years the technology there is, moreover, a long meeting, proposing very sophisticated tools and less invasive for action to better combat macular pucker.


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