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News » 4 good reasons to choose plastic frame glasses

4 good reasons to choose plastic frame glasses

Plastic spectacle frames, unlike what you can imagine, are a great choice both from a qualitative and a functional point of view.
Choosing the spectacle frame material may seem a minor problem when you have to buy a pair of eyeglasses. However, the great availability of materials on the market (plastic, metal, aluminum, titanium, wood) forces us to have careful evaluations.
We therefore begin to evaluate the specific reasons why opting for plastic spectacle frames.

Why choose plastic mounts?
Nowadays, manufacturers are increasingly pointing to plastic for a number of reasons which should be carefully analyzed:
1. Plastic spectacle frames have particularly low prices;
2. They are particularly comfortable and light;
3. There are no naselli, especially annoying for children;
4. They are very much appreciated by those looking for color and originality, finding the metal models quite "austere" and "rigid".

Plastic spectacle frames: Types and Varieties
In making plastic spectacle frames, acetate is certainly among the most used materials. It is a particularly lightweight and lightweight plastic as it is based on nylon and enjoys greater shine and transparency of the most common plastics. It is available in many colors and can be made up of multiple layers overlapping to create very interesting color combinations.
The TR-90, for example, is a special carbon fiber and nylon fiber composition, is biologically compatible and is extremely safe for direct contact with the skin, even for prolonged use.
Acetate plastic spectacle frames are extremely resistant to impacts; this is why they are particularly suitable for children.
They are available in hard and soft version, similar to rubber.
Both types are flexible and robust.
This material is a valid choice for comfortable eyeglasses and sporty use due to its chemical resistance, high temperatures and stress cracks.
It is a material that guarantees an exponential increase in the length of the frame over time.
Optyl, or hypoallergenic epoxy resin, is another type of plastic material.
It is thermosetting, non-allergic, treated with a special surface coating that guarantees the resistance of the plastic eyewear frame to cosmetic and sweat products.
Its use makes it possible to create frames that are usually transparent, but also opaque.
It is a material that, in terms of three-dimensional precious effects and color effects, has been adopted by several prestigious brands of glassmakers.

As you can see, plastic spectacle frames are certainly the safest choice, given the lower cost and the particular robustness and practicality that make them suitable for children and adults in sports.
However, it is undeniable the charm and elegance of a metal frame goggle.
Of these types of glasses we will speak at length in the next article.
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