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News » Hyperopia: a common visual defect to be reckoned with

Hyperopia: a common visual defect to be reckoned with

Hyperopia, along with nearsightedness and astigmatism, is one of the most common refractive defects which makes it impossible to see clearly.
In fact, we should also add presbyopia, which, in any case, more than a visual defect, can be classified as a physiological situation, which occurs, usually, after 40 years of age. That said, it has to figure out in which cases you may feel affected by farsightedness, what is the symptom picture related to it and what are the methods currently deputies to the correction of the same.

In what is expressed
In view of a normal person (emmetropic) ocular images that come from outside through the various ocular structures to be then placed in perfect focus on the retina. These images are then transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain that processes information from the two eyes and then be transformed into a single visual impression.
In the presence of myopia, the patient sees blurred distant images (although see well up close), this is because the focus takes place in front of the retina. Hyperopic eye, however, the problem is diametrically opposite: the image, in fact, is projected beyond the retina.
Even this dysfunction, unfortunately, behaves as you might guess, the blurred image problem. The main reason is due to the presence of a short eyeball, this pathology defined axial hyperopia.

Typically, the main cause of hyperopia is due, as anticipated, the presence of an eyeball is too short.
In any case, also certain diseases affecting the cornea and the crystalline - insufficient corneal curvature, crystalline or poorly formed, for example - can be the cause of hyperopia seen that it is precisely these latter to convey to the light rays to the retina, covering, for the \' effect, a decisive role in the proper focus of the image.

Methods of correcting hyperopia
If the hypermetropia is not particularly high the problem, within certain limits, it can be corrected by itself, in a completely automatic and natural.
We recall, in this regard, that the hyperopia is measured in diopters: cases than 7 diopters of hyperopia are certainly more rare and are very common cases of 4-5 diopters that often, especially in children, go unnoticed.
Returning to the issue of care "natural", the hyperopic can compensate for this visual defect returning the image in the central region of the retina by exploiting the natural process of accommodation.
This possibility, however, is limited to a degree of hyperopia not particularly high and also depends on the age of the person.
And \'well-known fact that the process of accommodation that is greatest at a young age, tends to decrease with the passing years. By Therefore, we age, it is quite imperative to resort increasingly to the use of stronger lenses for correction, until reaching the total of the defect compensation.

In case of mild or medium degree hyperopia may present symptoms such as headache or photophobia caused just by the effort that makes the eye to see clearly.
In these circumstances, a simple eye examination may not be necessary to detect the problem, precisely because the "striving" eye sees clearly.
E \'through the instillation of eye drops that tend to block some of those compensation processes that the defect can be found.
Prescribing appropriate lenses often is considered absolutely necessary.

In children, especially, the prescription of appropriate lenses to correct farsightedness, also in line with the orthoptist, allows the simultaneous reduction of strabismus, often caused by excessive eye hyperopic eye strain, allowing the restoration of vision complete.

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