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News » Coatings of lenses for eyeglasses. Are they useful?

Coatings of lenses for eyeglasses. Are they useful?

Eyeglasses that we wear every day, are subjected to multiple stresses, mechanical and environmental efforts of all kinds, and it is why the lens coating can make a difference in thelife of your lens. Usually we rely on opticians who knows what are the coatings to which the lenses to last longer and remain as clear and efficient as possible should be submitted in time. When you buy a pair of glasses on the website of Glance24, they are offered at every step of purchase, advice on the opportunity to select / add a given treatment lenses, and is explained to you what these treatments. It seems appropriate to summarize here the main lens treatments that are useful to better use and durability of your lenses. First of all the SCRATCH treatment. This is a treatment that hardens the surface of the lens and makes it more resilient (robust ...) to the ill-treatment of each day of the glasses, type set down on unclean surfaces on the side of the lenses, or clean them, rather than with the small piece proper, with handkerchiefs or rough pieces of paper that ruin the lens surface. One must keep in mind that modern lenses are no longer in glass like were once but rather in plastic. Plastic lenses have the advantage of not breaking when the glasses will fall to the ground but keep in mind that they are scratched a little \'more easily than those of glass. That\'s why the Glance24, strongly advises you to add SCRATCH treatment, we need to harden the lens. You could not even do that, saving a few euros but be aware that the lenses will deteriorate more rapidly. The anti-glare treatment can make a big difference. It not only serves to improve the appearance of your glasses but serves mainly to minimize annoying reflections that hinder your vision during night driving or reading in both artificial and natural light. Finally, a treatment that Glance24 advises, is to TOP HYDROFOBIC. It serves to keep your lens cleaner because it helps to eliminate the annoying halos that often remain on the lens after cleaning with carrying and also helps to repel the annoying fluff that sometimes stick together on the lens surface. To summarize: We recommend that ALL the glasses should be ordered with the SCRATCH treatments, ANTI-GLARE AND TOP HYDROFOBIC because we see clearly that it is not only a right but also a duty towards your eyes.


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