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News » Relations between diabetes and vision problems: learn how to fight it

Relations between diabetes and vision problems: learn how to fight it

Diabetes is an insidious disease and among its most feared and dreaded complications include various eye problems. In fact, there is a relationship between diabetes and vision problems, this has been proven by scientific research that is the practice.
Diabetes is due, in fact, fairly serious damage to the eyes so it is advisable to inhibit or contain the progressive damage to the eye by means of appropriate preventive controls.

eye control of diabetes: in what way?
Considering that there are relationships between diabetes and vision problems, the person suffering from diabetes should undergo ophthalmologic every year.
It would be appropriate also a collaboration with the healthcare professional to decide the frequency of checks. During these visits, the fundus examination allows you to observe the retina after dilation of the pupil in order to identify any small hemorrhages, aneurysms, microaneurysms, etc. Angiography will complement this visit to the fullest.
But, one wonders, what are the relationships between diabetes and vision problems?
And, again, what can be the vision problems caused by diabetes?
Here are some answers.

Among the serious eye problems caused by diabetes retinopathy it is one of the most serious.
It affects the retina and is the leading cause of malfunction of vision in developed countries. The disease progresses slowly, causing damage before reversible, but, in the absence of proper care of the retinal nerve tissue, can worsen to bring, in severe cases, loss of vision.
Following the diagnosis of diabetes, there being in fact a relationship between diabetes and vision problems, it should be promptly to book an eye examination to check the visual conditions and the state of the retina.

Diabetes sufferers are more likely to develop glaucoma than those who are not suffering from this disease. Glaucoma is a disease caused by increased pressure inside the eye that over time can damage the optic nerve: the first symptom consists in lowering view, here is one more reason why it is good always to undergo a control that includes, preferably, also the measurement of eye pressure.

E \'to the relationship between diabetes and vision problems that it must be the onset, in most cases, cataract, a pathology this nell\'opacizzazione consisting of the crystalline lens, the natural lens placed between the iris and the vitreous body.
The objects, precisely because of this thickening, are no longer focused by the retina and the one that follows is a more or less sensitive and significant blurring of vision.
At present, the only possible treatment is the surgical removal of the lens.
surgery question most widespread in the world, involving more than twenty million people of whom more than 500,000 are Italian.

The relationship between diabetes and vision problems makes mandatory a steady and meticulous monitoring of view and, in a broader sense of the eyes, because it really is a simple check can, in some cases, prove to be salvific.


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