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News » Amblyopia: Diagnosis and treatment of the most common visual degeneration in pediatrics

Amblyopia: Diagnosis and treatment of the most common visual degeneration in pediatrics

By the term amblyopia refers, specifically, to an incomplete maturation of the visual system. More generally and commonly this pathology is defined lazy eye syndrome, precisely as it is a condition in which one eye does not reach the full visual capacity.
Rarely amblyopia affects both eyes, and the good things lie in store, if I may say, is the possibility that through the appropriate controls to be diagnosed early, but already by the first decade of life.

Because it is vital to intervene in time?
The fact that amblyopia can be diagnosed early, even at an early age, it means that the medicine will have apprestato excellent care.
It reveals, therefore, very important to intervene as early as possible in childhood, in fact much earlier we intervene sooner and better if it heals.
Fortunately, at the social level there is much attention to the lazy eye problem, that, in some respects, is due to the widespread this problem is of a social level. To do this, just think that as many as 5 of every 100 children are affected by this condition, and this certainly justifies the early prevention campaign increasingly pressing to which we are witnessing in recent years.

Because the eye loses its original vision?
Among the main factors dell\'ambliopia basic fall, among them, the refractive defects.
Among these farsightedness and astigmatism, then myopia, that by transferring the images less sharp to the cerebral cortex affect the normal development of brain cells affected. Although strabismus is one of the common causes: the disease in fact forces the brain to suppress one of the two visual channels.
Other causes that affect, albeit to a small extent, sull\'ambliopia are congenital ptosis and cataracts.

As you can heal from amblyopia?
The dell\'ambliopia main treatment consists in the healthy eye patching.
The purpose of this "treatment" is to force the lazy eye to work.
Patching is done with adhesive plaster to be applied for a period of 6 months to 2 years. After this period, and if it becomes necessary, the occlusion is made with adhesives to glue to the eyeglass lens.
In adults, this treatment - which we usually see performed on smaller - is less effective as the eye, by now formed, is not more plastic as that of children.

Amblyopia in adults here is the most recent medical discoveries
Recent studies have failed to find a cure instrument amblyopia in adults more effective than the eye bandages: these special contact lenses that generally you wear while you sleep.
They allow for a total recovery of view, albeit for a few days.
However, these treatments have been proven effective only if the amblyopia were treated in childhood.
In recent years, however, we are experiencing very effective medications that have been shown to make it more malleable and responsive to the visual system into adulthood.

It is understood the assumption for which, to better address the problem dell\'ambliopia, action is needed in children.
In this sense, the choice of a good ophthalmologist and family support may be crucial: the presence of excessive tearing in the eyes of the younger ones can be a first serious alarm bell that should not be underestimated.


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